Best Romantic Places To Go in The United States

If you have your mind made up in the United States to get married, now is the time to select a place for your wedding day. There are many great wedding venues across the United States, and it will be hard for you to pick one of them. I have corrected 9 romantic wedding locations throughout the United States to help you decide on an exotic wedding venue, and you will be able to select one of them for your special occasion.

Resort & Spa in Monte Lucia

These are the most beautiful and romantic places in the United States where you may think you’re attached. It is situated in the desert. Your wedding is unforgettable with its stunning elegance.

P. Garden Allen Smith

It is an impressive garden equipped with beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables, but it is also used to host wedding ceremonies. For newly married couples, it could be a safer option.

Hotel Beverly Hills

It is a luxury 5-star hotel located in Calif., USA. It is renowned for its glamorous look and rattling interior. It is used mainly to film movies and host wedding ceremonies. So you may also consider preparing your marriage here.


Located in Los Angeles, it is a historical location. Now as a wedding spot, it has become popular and is being used for wedding ceremonies. This place has certain traditions of its own that you have to observe in your marriage. The garden courtyard has a 20-foot wall where couples exchange their vows.

Monarch Beach in St. Regis

Looking for a wedding on the beach is the perfect option for you then. It’s based in California’s Dana Point. It is the place well-known for its spectacular natural beauty, and also the luxurious resort in Tuscan style. For marriage activities, the resort offers all sorts of facilities.

Florida, Miami

Miami is known for the gorgeous beaches that are best for both leisure time and marriage celebration. They are the most well-known places in the world, so you can also consider making it another choice.

Museum & Gardens Vizcaya

It’s a joint Miami site, and it’s a historic spot. It is a villa in the Old Italian style, renowned for its architecture and coral stairs. It is a garden spread over 10 acres that is used to celebrate marriage.

The Mill Haiku

It used to be a sugar mill in the past. Sylvia Hamilton Kerr, the mill’s owner, later turned it into a romantic wedding venue. It also contains a lovely garden that is used for marriage or other kinds of activities. So it’s not going to be a bad thing to celebrate your marriage here.

Contemporary Wing (Art Institute of Chicago)

On the beaches, parks, and hotels, as we all travel to celebrate the wedding. But celebrating weddings in locations like warehouses and art museums can produce a memorable and unforgettable day. Well if you love art, don’t hesitate to settle for it.