Quick Review on The Reed Opera House Mall

The Reed Opera House Mall If you’re bored of shopping in the usual malls, why don’t you visit The Reed Opera House Mall? Located in Salem, Oregon, The Reed is unlike any other malls you have visited. It was built back in the 1870s so it’s really old and historical. What makes it an exciting place to go to is its eccentric variety of restaurants, shops, businesses, and services.

Its four floors including the basement are filled with unique items and eclectic treasures. Shops like Reed Beauty & Wellness, The Awkward Peach Boutique, HattaWear, and The Sun Bear Den and restaurants like Noble Wave, Chira’s, Little Cannoli Bakery, and 503 Sushi Bar are among the great establishments to visit in the mall. Also, they have their own ballroom hall which can be rented for weddings and other big celebrations; and their conference and business rooms for events and meetings. It’s always a new experience when you visit The Reed.
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Reed Opera House, 189 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 97301